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Modern Kitchen

Deep House Cleaning Services

Annual or Biannual 

Deep cleaning means doing more than a regular cleaning session. A simple comparison is the difference between daily toothbrushing and dental cleaning at the dentist's office. Deep cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning every room surface. We hightly recommend to deep clean twice a year.

What's included?

Brand New Kitchen


  1. Clean and disinfect surfaces

  2. Clean and disinfect appliances

  3. Clean the oven (inside oven)

  4. Dust surfaces 

  5. Clean microwave (inside and outside)

  6. Spot Clean cabinets

  7. Clean and disinfect sink (garbage disposal included)

  8. Clean and disinfect kitchen trash can

  9. Vacuum and mop floors

Bathroom Toilet


  1. Clean and disinfect counters 

  2. Clean shower (remove mold and mildew)

  3. Sanitize toilet (remove hard water ring)

  4. Clean mirrors and light fixtures

  5. Spot Clean cabinets

  6. Clean and disinfect trash can

  7. Wipe down knobs, towel racks, shower head and toilet paper holder.

  8. Vacuum and mop floor

  9. Clean shower door or wash shower curtain

Living Room


  1. Dust crown molding, wall corners, and baseboards

  2. Dust edges of wall hangings, mirrors and pictures

  3. Dust lamps, electronics and  decor

  4. Dust ceiling fans

  5. Dust/polish furniture

  6. Removal of pet hair 

  7. Make beds

  8. Vacuum and mop floors

  9. Remove cobwebs

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